The Art of Choice

The Art of Easy Choice. The Art of Hard Choice

This work is based on a dialogue of two different, though not remote realities.
The Art of Difficult Choice plays with film reality, in images, dubbings, multilingual texts.
Its nature is based on a collection, an inventory of human passions and facts taken out from film life.
It is intriguing and saturated, for such is the nature of cinema.
Hence everything is more true than in actual reality.
This particular private perspective is shown in The Art of Easy Choice.
Because The Art of Easy Choice is a collection of notes spanning five years
of possessing a camera recording in mini DV.
Therefore in both collections there are shared "themes", such as kisses, dancing, singing, eating, travels, children, animals etc.
There are also separate episodes assigned to one reality only, e.g. sex, shoot-outs
(The Art of Difficult Choice).
The Art of Difficult Choice is seemingly more saturated and stunning, but as in a mirror it reflects its younger sister – The Art of Easy Choice, perhaps more intriguing since it is certainly truer.
It is up to us to choose in which reality we will find the most complete expression of ourselves.
Perhaps their very blend, as well as the possibility of moving from one into the other (through image and sound) is the greatest asset of this work.

24 fragments:
1. You will long for kisses
2. You'll think, that the dance
3. Or maybe a cigarette
4. You'll hear the enticing chant from the Mulholland Drive
5. Wine, yes wine will help you survive
6. And surely you need to smoke some grass
7. You will see familiar faces
8. You'll be surrounded by phantoms- electrifying images
9. And then you'll hear the phone ring
10. You'll cry, that that's not it
11. Or maybe a book
12. Sex, yes sex
13. The wedding, maybe not necessarily
14. You will dive into talks
15. And the children, there have to be children
16. And you will see your reflection in the mirror
17. You will want to play tube
18. And then some gesture will remind you
19. That the dog is your real Someone
20. You'll think about a distant trip
21. Do a spasmodic run
22. When you fall, strange phenomena will return
23. Then somebody shoots to you
24. In the last moment you'll shout, that this needs to be noted down and you will long for kisses again


Izabella Gustowska, 2007


The Art of Difficult Choice – 2 projections, 19,20min
The Art of Easy Choice – 2 projections, 19,20 min

Life is a Story (green spheres) – 2 projections, 19,20 min
150 objects (lightbox), 70 cm in diameter

Exhibition Life is a Story, National Museum, Poznań 2007