the poison

/20'23''/ loop

trailer - /1’48”/



Obraz trzy-ekranowy


Directed, produced and written by Izabella Gustowska

Director of Photography: Izabella Gustowska

Zuzanna Kernbach – 0,51”

Edited by: Adam Draber, Mateusz Rogala

Music and Sound Design: Patryk Lichota

The film quotes:

0,14’’ seconds of Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock /1958/,

0,6’’ seconds of a performance /It is not my fault/ by Joanna Pietrowicz/2015/

Special thanks to my friends and acquaintances appearing in the film:

Monika Bakke, Kuba Borkowicz, Sari Caine, Wirginia Kubiś, Edyta Łukaszewska,
Joanna, Filip, Staś Pietrowicz, Mateusz Rogala, Anna Tyczyńska with her dog Zuzia, Lucyna Winkel and others.



Guard me as the apple of Thy eye,

Hide me in the shadow of your wings.

/Psalm 17:8, a prayer for protection, Davidic prayer/


POISON – is like a hybrid,

it attacks the space of a computer screen,

spills around,

flows into our homes,

unnoticed it changes water into black liquid,

destroys a budding magnolia flower,

poisons animals,

babies cry in their sleep,

adults make no secret of their fear.

Poison like black water appears in city streets

from dusk till dawn

from dawn till dusk

It becomes a frightful white moon

and a black disc of the sun.

It flows into New York’s Manhattan

and into alpine tunnels,

it changes the horizon of Hawaiaan Kauwa’i,

floods Machu Picchu,

spreads like a disease.

A woman thinks about suicide,

A man hides at home,

another woman only wants to wander…


Will soon be everywhere…

Can we make it to escape?

Do we learn to live in its shadow?

Where is the new place?

For a woman, a man, a child and a dog…?