/31'1''/ loop

 Dream I (1990), fragment - /3'30''/ 


'…why stop in the first two rooms, where the light did not loose its sharpness,
to check that the tables are as they were left, that she locked the door by herself, when she
entered the third room, she knew that it is enough to push them and enter without any
problems and see a table and a chair. To sit down again, to have a cigarette / ash from the
previous cigarette formed a neat cone, she threw a cigarette end on a floor / she was
leaning on her side so that she would avoid the light coming straight at her. She searched
her pockets for a lighter, she looked at the first circle of smoke catching the light. If a
gentle laughter was then a song of a bird, there was no bird singing in the garden now. But
she had a lot of cigarettes, she could lean against the table and allow for her gaze to lose
itself in the dark wall opposite her. She could leave when she wanted, she could stay.
Perhaps it will be wonderful, when the light starts climbing the wall, making the shadow of
her body, table and a chair bigger, perhaps everything will stay just like that, nothing will
change, the light will be as motionless as the rest, motionless just like her, like the smoke…'

Julio Cortazar –  from Alguien anda por ahí.


The text of the story by Cortazar was an inspiration to make a film entitled DREAM I in
which I wander and discover the mysterious spaces of rooms and corridors in Poznanski
Palac in Lodz, Poland. The camera is following me, my face, hands, objects which I touch
and it captures lights and shows accompanying me. My travels end in a billiard room where
the light 'becomes as motionless like her, like the smoke'



belongs to a video performance carried out during art manifestation /

Place in Lodz – Art Hotel 29.06.1990

co-operation – Janusz Kołodrubiec