Hybrids of Space – Time

is a work inspired by science and art.

This project was created under the influence the Theory of Everything- TOE
and Large Hadron Collider /LHC/ which generates /probably /Higg's microelements.
It is also confrontation of truth and fiction.
It is a vision of mixing space –time which has not been experienced yet.
This central part of this installation isa black circle inside which hypothetical space is spinning by way of the accelerator.
The picture of the accelerator's cross-section changes its shape by rotating different images.
There are Rocky mountains, Pacific oceans , Arizona roads, explosion in Mojave desert , there are also people on
the Brooklyn Bridge observed from cosmos and my

silhouette running through the small town in California or in Poland.
This work suggests to immerse into unforeseeable whirls of sounds and images.
We-as Recipients – determine our individual choices- our space- time continuum.


montaż: Adam Draber