Light.Matter: The Intersection of Photography and Printmaking

25.08 - 4.10.2017 (Grunwald Gallery)
08.05 - 02.06.2018 (FAB Gallery, University of Alberta, Edmonton)

Relative Traits of Resemblance, Secret I, II, III"

Lithograph with hand colouring, 3 panels, 200 x 100 cm./ ea. 1989
(from the collection of the printmaking division, Department of Art and Design, University of Alberta.)

 Grunwald Gallery of Art | School of Art + Design | Indiana University
1201 E 7th St. Bloomington, IN 47405 | 812 855 8490 | grunwald@indiana.edu


Light/Matter is an exhibition curated by Tracy Templeton, Associate Professor in Studio Art
at Indiana University; Walter Jule, Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta and
Ingrid Ledent, Professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Art in Antwerp, Belgium.
The exhibition will feature up to seventy works by forty-five artists spanning sixteen
countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia.

Beginning in the mid 20th century, the photo print revolution created a new graphic
language through the fusion of photographic imagery and analog print techniques that
continues to shape global “visual literacy” in the digital age. Light/Matter marks the first
time a major museum exhibition has presented groundbreaking works by several generations
of artists who have made significant contributions to the photo-print movement.
The exhibition will also serve to illustrate the ways in which cultural factors and traditions
have influenced the adoption and evolution of new print technologies.

A 72-page catalog will be produced and distributed through the Grunwald Gallery and
online containing essays by Professor Emeritus Walter Jule; Alicia Candiani, Director,
Proyecto Áce; Hideki Kimura, Professor, Kyoto City University and Associate Professor
Tracy Templeton. The catalogue will also include reproductions of exhibited art works and
artist biographies. The exhibition and catalogue will provide a panoramic view of one
of the most influential and underrated creative movements of the last one hundred years.

Exhibiting Artists:
Margaret Ashman-United Kingdom
Rebecca Beardmore-Australia/Canada
Edward Bernstein-United States
Derek Besant-Canada
Alicia Candiani-Argentina
Briar Craig-Canada
Paul Coldwell-United Kingdom
Deborah Cornell-United States
Jack Damer-United States
Jennifer Dickson-Canada
Steven Dixon-Canada
Karen Dugas-Canada
John Ford-United States
Leslie Golomb-United States
Izabella Gustowska-Poland
Carl Heywood-Canada
Yoshida Hodaka-Japan
Shoichi Ida-Japan
Ryoji Ikeda-Japan
Liz Ingram-Canada
Eva Liisa Isomaa-Finland
Taida Jasarevic-Bosnia Herzegovina
Hideki Kimura-Japan
Guoqiao Kong-China
Vojtech Kovarik-Czech Republic
Janne Laine-Finland
Marlene MacCallum-Canada
Tim Mara-United Kingdom
Akira Matsumoto-Japan
Nils-Eric Mattsson-Sweden
Tadayoshi Nakabayashi-Japan
Monika Niwelinska-Poland
Dorota Nowak-Rodzinska-Poland
Tetsuya Noda-Japan
Lothar Osterburg-United States
Darina Peeva-Austria/Bulgaria
Krystyna Piotrowska-Poland/Sweden
Liliana Porter-Argentina
Kuniichi Shima-Japan
Burgit Skiold-United Kingdom
Wojciech Tylbor-Kubrakiewicz-Poland
Donald Wilkinson-United Kingdom
Tadanori Yokoo-Japan
Katsutoshi Yuasa-Japan

The exhibition and symposium Light/Matter will provide an opportunity to engage this topic with key presenters at a timely moment in this history while these historical innovators are still accessible and at the height of their careers.

This exhibition and symposium is made possible by the New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities, the College Arts and Humanities Institute and the Center for Integrative Photographic Studies, McKinney Visiting Artist Lecture Series, the IU Student Association and the Print Workshop, all at Indiana University.