Life is a Story - Scottish Episode



Life is a Story – Scottish episode it is a collection of many  signals resulting  from
various  situations in life,  from daily behaviors, through passions  to  abstract gestures.
I  believe  that  I  work  universal  subject  like  life  from  born  to  dead.
I  used  green color  because  it  is  color  of  nature  and  energy.
I prepared  22 pictures  looped  lasting  2min. 15sec.,
which  are referring  to the images of our ordinary life.
Some  have  more  senses  and  symbolism,  other  are  simple  observations  often  in slow-motion.
All pictures have individual sound. Construction of 22 pictures are;
First part is different  female  mouths  which  are  telling  story  by  spitting  out  glass  ball.
Inside this  ball we have separate  stories. Fe;/  a girl and a boy, a dog or a cat, a mother with child,
or nature like palm, a sea, and  also  abstract  element  like oscillator or a metronome./
After  this  individual  stories, we comeback  to  a similar or a  some glass ball,
which rolling around. Scottish  episode it  is a Scottish  pipe – player  who  is a  guide 
or a narrator in my  story.

Life Story. A Scottish Episode is the first solo exhibition in a public institution in Britain
by the internationally recognised Polish artist Izabella Gustowska. It opens to the public
on Sat, 7 March 2009 and will continue at Threshold artspace in Perth Concert Hall
until Fri, 3 April 2009.

,Iliyana Nedkova, Horsecross’ curator and Urzsula Sniegowska, guest curator


22 monitory
Threshold Artspace -Perth Concert Hall

/GB/ 2009